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Crouton with truffle for four people

Pour two ladles of sauce in a little pot with the help of a fork , add some slides of truffles and a little salt, cook everything for some minutes, spread on toasts.

Cheese and truffles


Wash the black truffle using cold water and a brush. Take a pyrex and melt inside butter with a clove of garlic, slice the truffles on it (or add Tartufissima)and then slice the parmesan in little slices too. Finally put the pyrex into the preheated oven until parmesan has melt and at the end serve on slides of toasted bread.

Sandwich with truffle


Cut the sandwich in two pieces, remove bread crumbs from the bottom of the sandwich. Take a bowl and put inside the butter, spread it with a fork, add some brandy, salt and pepper. Now take the truffles and grate them. Amalgamate truffles with other ingredients and finally put this sauce into the sandwiches. They should be eaten cold, no need to heat them.