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Le Trifole - White and black truffles

Our Company

San Marzano Oliveto - Truffles' land

For four generations, our family has been devoted to the search and distribution of fresh truffles that spontaneously grow in the generous territory of the Monferrato (Piedmont region).
At the beginning, in 1892 our ancestor started to deal with truffles research. Later our great grandfather was used to go on the mountains surrounding the area looking for truffles with the help of his dogs and once he would find those magic tubers, he would get back home and share them with his relatives and friends. At that time this was the most joyous event for our ancestors and probably the tastiest spice they could use.


Our grandfather inherited his father's work and passion, simultaneously bringing new knowledge and techniques to the family’s tradition. Meanwhile, our grandmother started experimenting with new recipes and methods of cooking, even when the difficult times of WWII did not give them the abundance of ingredients we currently enjoy.

Our father, Mr. Curzietti, continued the tradition. For a good part of his life, he went around the woods looking for truffles and significant changes in Italian society also changed his style of work: from one of the best truffles' quarrymen in the area he turned into one of the best producers of fresh and preserved truffles.
Curzietti wifeThis change was possible also because of the efforts of Mr. Curzietti's wife who for more than 20 years has been producing delicious everyday products with truffles. She has also been trying new ways to combine the different ingredients. We are at the 4th generation of the Curzietti family and for many years we have been selling our products across Europe and around the world.These efforts have led to the establishment of a company whose products are well known in top restaurants and hotels around the world.

Our Mission


At this point in time our mission is to provide customers with the best, most natural truffles' products using manufacturing processes that are environment-friendly and respect animals.