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Truffle Specialty

We would like to introduce our company as follows:

Truffles on a table

Le Trifole is an Italian company based in the city of San Marzano Oliveto, near Alba, worldwide known as the Truffles’ Capital. Our company specializes in the production and distribution of fresh and preserved truffles, both white and black. For four generations,our family has been devoted to the search and distribution of fresh truffles that spontaneously grow in the generous territory of the Monferrato (Piedmont region).

Besides fresh truffles, whose availability depends on the seasons, Le Trifole has studied a line of gastronomic specialties which offer the possibility to taste the truffles’ aroma throughout the year. We achieve this result through the combination of ancient knowledge and modern techniques of conservation that keep the special taste of truffles intact. The skilled processing of the products made by members of the family assures top quality and full control of truffles and other components.

Mrs. Curzietti

        We sell our products in many countries around the world (mainly in North America, Europe and Asia). This has given us the expertise to deal with international trade along with the sensibility to understand our customers’ respective needs. Our products’ range includes: white truffles, black truffles sauce or in slides, oil with truffles, honey with truffles, rice with truffles’ slides and pasta with truffles’ flavor. Since we produce handmade products, for big orders, we can evaluate the possibility of some personalization of the product (in terms of size and ingredients).

Hoping you will enjoy our website,
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Davide Curzietti