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Prawns and Baby Squid in White Truffle Sauce (Salsa Pronta)

Yield: 2 Servings

We first produce the Dublin Bay Prawn blend. Over the blend, we place the garnish. Over the garnish we place the Dublin Bay Prawns and the baby squids.Finally we add the truffle oil around the dish, not directly on the Squid. Dublin Bay Prawn Blend: we fry lightly the vegetables– fennel, Onion and celery – previously chopped, together with the almonds. We separate the heads and then we peel the rest. We dry the peelings in the oven ( 90C). With 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2 celery branches, a parsley bunch and the capers we make a stock together with the dried peelings, boiling for 20 minutes. Next we put the lightly fried vegetables, the prawns main parts and the heads in a casserole adding the stock at the end. After boiled, we grind and strain it, getting the paste in that way. Garnish: we chop the Squash in little sticks. Next we peel and boil the broad Beans. We boil the Mushrooms in olive oil. Then we fry the Squash sticks, adding next the Mushrooms also chopped in little sticks. Finally we add the broad Beans, so we have the garnish made truffle oil: we make it with olive oil. Dublin Bay prawns and baby squids: we cut the baby squids in rings and then we grill them. We grill too the prawns. Finally we assemble the dish asdescribed previously.