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Special truffles' recipes

How to use a fresh truffle?When you buy a fresh truffle you should remember that it’s a mushroom and a spice at the same time, so the simplest way to flavor your dishes with it is to slice it with a truffle slicer or also with a knife directly on your dishes, at least here we do like this! Then, if you don’t use all at once, you can keep it for two weeks in the fridge, enveloped in a paper tissue that should be changed every five days and to preserve it even better you can close it in a glass container and place it in the lower part of the fridge where you usually put vegetables. That’s all!

When you buy one of our preserved truffles’ products you can use them in different ways. Following you will find a detailed explanation about how to use our sauces and how to preserve them.

How to use truffles’ sauces? Our sauces can be directly used to flavor pasta, rice and meat. When you flavor pasta, you should pour one of our sauces in a pot(two spoons for every person), put pasta or noodles in it, add just a little water (the one you have used to cook pasta) and mix everything for one minute, then it’s ready. When you use it to flavor meet, you can add a spoon of sauce on the meat and spread on it, but don’t add any other seasoning (such as oil, salt).

How to preserve truffles’ sauces? Since all our products are 100% natural ( they don’t contain any chemical aroma to change the natural taste) they have special preserving rules. All the sauces, if not opened, last three years. Once opened you can preserve them in the fridge, covered by a little layer of oil and you should use it within 3 weeks. If you want to preserve them longer, you can put them in the freezer, without any oil layer,  and when you have to use it, you take it out, wait two minutes, take as much as you need and finally put in the freezer again -this process can be made up to 20 times. If it  thaw out completely (because you forget, for example) you should use all the product.

Here there's a selection of special recipes to make using our sauces or fresh truffles, according to your taste